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Noah Robinson

How To Fix Personal Hotspot Missing On IPhone In IOS 11 IOS 10

To set up an iPhone personal hotspot, go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot, turn on the switch, and (optionally) tap the slider next to Allow Others to Join. Or, you may see Set Up Personal Hotspot. If you tap it, you'll be prompted to contact your carrier and check your plan for hotspot availability.

How to Fix Personal Hotspot Missing on iPhone in iOS 11 iOS 10

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To turn off your personal hotspot on the iPhone, go to Settings > Cellular > Personal Hotspot and tap the switch to turn off the hotspot. You may be prompted to enter your iPhone's passcode.

To change the name of your personal hotspot, you'll have to change your iPhone's name. Go to Settings > General > About > Name, and change the name to your new preference. Your mobile hotspot's name is publicly viewable but only accessible via your password.

My personal hotspot did not accept connections anymore. I recently had switched off iMessage in settings to allow for SMS (texting). Suggested tricks for hotspot did not work. When I switched iMessage back on the hotspot worked again. Please explain!

I tried all the aforementioned. My personal hotspot is still gone and my provider does not charge. How do I get it back to my iphone 11 and tell me to volume up/ down right side hold cause all it does is shut it down and nothing changes. Thank you

Aside from letting you completely turn off the radios, airplane mode can also let you resolve random network-related issues. So, whenever you find the personal hotspot not working on your iPhone, this is the first solution that you should try without fail. If there is a minor glitch, airplane mode will sort it out straight away.

On iPhone 12 or later, you can enable the Maximize Compatibility to boost your personal hotspot. While Maximize Compatibility is a very helpful feature, you should know that it might reduce your internet performance and Wi-Fi security for devices connected to the hotspot.

Next up, I would recommend you turn off/on Wi-Fi on the device that needs to connect to a personal hotspot. Head into the Settings app -> Wi-Fi and then turn it off. Now, restart the device and then turn on Wi-Fi.

If your iOS device is currently faced with a network-related issue, chances are pretty high that it might be causing the personal hotspot issue on your iPhone. Luckily, you can resolve network-related issues by resetting the network settings.

iOS and iPadOS allows you to turn your iPhone and iPad into a personal internet hotspot to which you can connect to using Wi-Fi. It works great every single time, and there are moments where it does not. You can troubleshoot these issues easily, but what if the Personal Hotspot entry does not show up at all in the Settings app? Trust me, while we end up believing that our iPhone or iPad is probably broken, in most cases it is not.

If the cellular data of your iPhone has been interrupted by random bugs from the latest software update, it may lead to problems with your personal hotspot feature. Turning off and on cellular data might quickly fix the issue as it will eradicate minor connection glitches on your device.

Other devices trying to connect to your iPhone Personal Hotspot needs to be within the range of the device providing the personal hotspot, preferably without any barriers between them. Try to keep the devices as close as possible to fix the iPhone hotspot flickering issue.

If your carrier supports it, you can use personal hotspot on your iPhone to share your cellular connection with other devices. A lot of us use this to get Macs or SIM-free iPads online when we are working outside an office. The connection will be made available within the available Wi-Fi services to your other devices.

When I turn on the personal hotspot, I cannot get a DHCP network address on my computer. I've tried with 2 different computers and an Android phone. They can connect to the network router but not my iPhone, which won't give out an IP address.

Luckily, Apple has introduced a new setting named "Maximize Compatibility" for this situation. You can go to Settings > Personal Hotspot to enable or disable Maximize Compatibility depending on the type of devices you want to connect to your iPhone's personal hotspot.

A bug I've seen for several years on my iPhones 7/8/XS is that my iPhone personal hotspot network isn't appearing (not discoverable) to other devices. This post is about my [... Read more about How to Fix iPhone Personal Hotspot Bugs]

You can get the hotspot on the iphone 4s, they have movedthe hotspot setting into the network settings, and all you have to do is: insettings go in to general then in network and select personal hotspot and turnit on.

Since your contacts might be affected by an unstable network, you can utilize this solution for getting back the missing contacts. Note that this won't remove any personal data from your iPhone (photos, videos, apps, etc.). You can also try this method when you can't make or receive calls.

Restrict end users from modifying the personal hotspot setting on the device (iOS 12.2 and later, Supervised). Whether the restriction is enabled or deactivated in the profile, you can override the personal hotspot setting using the PersonalHotspot Managed Settings command.

The iPhone can serve its user in many ways, including delivering portable Wi-Fi when needed. An iPhone personal hotspot allows you to connect another device to the internet when a Wi-Fi connection is unavailable.

When you use your phone as a personal hotspot, you can share your phone's internet connection with other devices via Wi-Fi. To use your phone as a personal hotspot, you need to set up your phone for internet.

Bluetooth is the most secure while Wi-Fi is the least secure way to tether iPhone hotspot, especially if you are using a weak password. Again, we recommend setting strong passwords for personal hotspots. You only need to enter your Wi-Fi password once though.




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