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How To Hack Facebook Account Password Using Cmd [NEW]

how can i delete a pictures on facebook of someones account? I didn't know his password and his email address is not on his contact info. And his not on my friends list. someone can tell me what to do?

how to hack facebook account password using cmd

This guide will show you how to break into a Facebook account using your own code, not to cause trouble for anyone but to see how things work behind the scenes.Please do not attempt to actually hack into someone else's Facebook account using any of the codes provided here; doing so is a crime.

After sending the link to the targeted users, you don't have to do anything after this (or after the second-to-last step given above). After this step, the targeted users will start doing things for you. That is, in indirect words, he or she will automatically give you his or her Facebook account ID and password in your database. And you only have to watch the magic in your database.

If you've done the last step, which is to find a web page that shows hacked Facebook account details, then you don't have to go into your database again and again to check whether any user is trapped or not.

Before implementing the code, go online and find the target user's Facebook ID and password. We will implement this Facebook account hacking system on our local computer system first. To do this, download the XAMPP software and install it on your computer. Then, follow the steps below.

Now open XAMPP and start the Apache and MySQL modules. If you don't understand what I'm saying, then read our PHP and MySQLi tutorial before proceeding to the next step of hacking your Facebook account id and password.

Now create a database with the same name, and then create a table with the same name again. And at last, create columns with the same details as used in the above code, that is, a database named fbhackedusers, a table named fbusers, and then columns namely facebookid and facebookpassword.

Now send the link to your friends to start getting their Facebook account ID and password. That is, they open the link and see that the page says to show some exclusive tips to earn money in a short time. Therefore, to get those tips, your friend must immediately enter his Facebook ID and password to continue.

To see your trapped users' or hacked Facebook account id and password, you have to go to your database again and again. Simply create another Web page that fetches and lists all hacked Facebook account id and password from the database in the form of a table, as shown in the code below, to see the hacked Facebook account id and password:

Now your friend will enter his or her Facebook account ID and password to get some exclusive tips to earn money in a short time. You can also change the message, title, and description of the page as per requirement; that is what the user likes most. For example, if you send the link toanyone on WhatsApp, it looks like this (this happens only when you put all the hacking systems live as given below):

Your friend's Facebook account ID and password get stored inside your database, and you can see the list of hacked Facebook users. This will be visible on the web page you created in the sixth step. Open a browser and navigate to localhost/hackedusers.php.Here is the sample output, as you will see.

You can send the link to any of your friends whose Facebook account is going to be hacked by you, or to anyone else's Facebook account you want to hack. And to see if your friend is in your hacking system, keep looking at the list of hacked users by refreshing the hackedusers.php page.

Now, the last and most important step is to put the whole system for hacking Facebook accounts live on your website. Here are the steps you need to take. If you have an existing website, for example, say "codescracker" or any other, then:

You can also make some changes according to your requirements to hack anyone's Facebook account id and password, as this tutorial is just a demo to show you how you will be able to hack anyone's Facebook account using some simple methods or how your account can be hacked.

A warning: despite its innocuous appearance, clicking on a random link could lead to serious problems once you enter personal information on a malicious website. There are many different kinds of hackers on the internet, so it's possible that you could be hacked or have your account hacked simply by clicking on a malicious link.

The scariest part is that as we get more comfortable with advances in technology, we actually become more susceptible to hacking. As if we haven't already done enough to aid hackers in their quest for our data by sharing publicly, those in the know can get into our emails and Facebook accounts to steal every other part of our lives that we intended to keep away from prying eyes.

In this article I'll show you these, and a couple other ways that hackers (and even regular folks) can hack into someone's Facebook account. But don't worry, I'll also show you how to prevent it from happening to you.

This option is much more difficult than the rest, but it is also the most common method to hack someone's account. The most popular type of phishing involves creating a fake login page. The page can be sent via email to your victim and will look exactly like the Facebook login page. If the victim logs in, the information will be sent to you instead of to Facebook. This process is difficult because you will need to create a web hosting account and a fake login page.

For more info on cracking passwords, check out our guides on hacking Linux passwords, hacking Windows passwords, and our super-easy beginner's guide on hacking Wi-Fi passwords (or for newer wireless routers, how to crack WPA2-PSK wifi passwords).

Everybody please stop commenting here about "hacking into you'r friends facebook." We're not going to help you or something. Just google it and you'll find out how it works. you could also use My post if that helps you further, but STOP posting here. This is a comment section not a asking section!

and to all the people who want to know how to hack fb accounts its right there in black and white. If that is to complicated most of you are asking to hack your friends let them use your computer with a key logger or set your browser to remember passwords simple ;)

Dude shut up quit bitching and complaining how people want to hack into their friend's account if they want to do that then it's their business if you don't think it's right then why the hell are you on this page? I mean no one forced you to be on this page right

I think my mates face book has been hacked of a ex .in the top left their is like a blue barcode and when she has pressed onto it it has taken her to somet witch says something about a tablet .but she's on her mobile .just really strange things are happening to her account

anyone wants to help me out here?? i was wondering what if i try to hack a profile and facebook notify that person that someone is trying to hack his profile from a specific country. he would automatically understand that its me :(

You can hack into his system easily if you have his ip address.... (Note: ip addresses keeps on changing and are not permanent ) gain physical access over victims pc by using Backtrack. .. you can also use cmd for this purpose....

Same happened to me when i tried phishing attack a year earlier.... so i am also trying to find a latest method to hack into their accounts...Firesheep doesn't work correct even on 3.6v ... Keylogger shit is not good so are the other methods... Hack is easy if you can have a physical access to the victims pc...

Hi everyone. I have a question: how can I stop a hacker from ruining my life? He's hacked my fb, email...everything and posting bad and fake stuff about me everywhere, using my account. I can't get it back, I've tried so many times to hack my own fb but he gets notifications everytime and takes it back in minutes. How can I get my life back?

this is srijith from india.Guys someone hacked my facebook account by using phishing method. i don't know how to recover my account. he also hacked my facebook linked all sites and accounts also, pls grant me and pls help me out.

My facebook account was hacked about a month ago & the hacker added their email, changed the phone number, and added 2 step verification. I have reset the password but cannot get pass the code generator. I tried to go through the Facebook Help Center but I cannot even submit an ID recovery. Please, I need help accessing this Facebook account. Any advice or help is appreciated. Can I regain access without spending money on software?

The scanner would attempt to infect and gain control of devices in a private IP range (It will try to infect all devices in the same local network as the host machine) by brute forcing a list of credentials that contain 3,637 username and password combinations. It also tries to infect devices in the public IP range of random number from 0- by using a different, shorter credentials list. Based on the credentials used, the attack mostly targets servers related to databases, storages, gaming, and mining rigs.

We can't hack Facebook accounts (sorry!), but if I had to put on my Ann Landers advice hat, I'd say: ask your boyfriend what he and his ex talk about! If he won't show you the conversations, consider more trustworthy boyfriend options.

--Never reuse passwords on other accounts -- with two exceptions. Over the years, I've managed to create hundreds of accounts. Many are for one-time use, such as when a newspaper website requires me to register to read the full story. It's OK to use simple passwords and repeat them in those types of situations, as long as the password isn't unlocking features that involve credit cards or posting on a message board. That will let you focus on keeping passwords to the more essential accounts strong.

The other exception is to log in using a centralized sign-on service such as Facebook Connect. Hulu, for instance, gives you the option of using your Facebook username and password instead of creating a separate one for the video site. This technically isn't reusing your password, but a matter of Hulu borrowing the log-in system Facebook already has in place. The account information isn't stored with Hulu. Facebook merely tells Hulu's computers that it's you. Of course, if you do this, it's even more important to keep your Facebook password secure.




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