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Anthony Cooper
Anthony Cooper

Gay Old Cowboys Cocks \/\/TOP\\\\

I was looking at several little booklets and pamplets about the Rodeo, the different events, by my underlying motive was to see cowboys, I had the hots for cowboys, sexy, muscular, stetson wearing cowboys, I have jerked off many times to pictures of cowboys, and have seen several videos of gay rodeos and such and thats been my lifelong dream to have a cowboy take me and do what he wanted to me. I dreamed about it.

gay old cowboys cocks


I entered the bar and saw a few men hanging around shooting pool and two cowboys at the bar. I eased onto a stool near the two old cowboys and ordered a draft. I minded my own business, but quietly eyed the men around the bar. My gaydar didn't pick up any vibes so I contented myself with drinking a few beers and listening to the usual redneck chatter around the bar. I slowly began to notice the two older cowboys to my right. Every so often, I would catch one of them eyeing me over. First, I figured they were just eyeing a stranger, but soon something started to make me wonder if they were checking me out. I went to the mensroom to take a leak. I figured if one was interested in me he would follow me in. I stood at the trough urinal and let loose a beer. I waited a bit longer than I needed, quietly hoping one would come in. I worked my tight foreskin back and forth a few times to milk out the last bit of piss, but tucked it back into my briefs when no one came in.

I eased back to the bar and oddly, the two cowboys introduced themselves. Darryl was about 55 or so with a black cowboy hat, grayish hair around his ears, a nice thin moustache, with a slightly worn face. Piercing gray eyes darted over a nice grin. He was wearing cowboy boots, faded jeans, a county style button down shirt with the top two buttons open. Through the open shirt, I saw a nice carpet of black and gray hairs sticking out. He was a bit shorter than me at 5'7 with a thin build, but fairly strong arms. Milburn was a mite bit older at around 61 or 62. He was a taller man, maybe 6'2 or 6'3 about 195 pounds. He wore a faded gray cowboy hat with a nice short sleeve shirt and worn, but crisp blue jeans. His face had some wind lines and his eyes were a deep brown. His silver hair that just showed under the hat brim had my cock starting to stir. I had always been attracted to older men. Something about their maturity just fires up my cock. Older men know how to use a cock and how to treat one right. These younger fellas are somewhat obnoxious and they cum in 2 minutes and that's it. An older man knows how to hold his cum and how to make you pop like a cork when they want you to. If these two cowboys wanted me, they had me as soon as they asked.

We chatted for a while and I bought them some beers. I tried to scope out their crotches, but the bar prevented it. Finally, I had to piss again and said so. Darryl said he needed to piss too and off we went. My heart began to beat quicker as I knew I would get a good look at this man's cock. I told my dick to stay down and behave. As we went up to the urinal, I fished my cock out over the elastic waistband of my Fruit of the Looms. I started to piss and eased a glance over at Darryl. His cock was poking out over his fingers and I grinned as I saw him ease back his foreskin. I love an uncut cock; the way a cock ought to be. My daddy wouldn't let the docs cut mine and he damn near had to punch the doc out to stop him. Daddy always told me men have no right to mess with the way God made a man. I couldn't agree more. An intact cock is fun to play with and great as hell to suck and take deep inside. I love to suck uncut cocks and play with all that extra skin.

Stripping Milburn was even more fun. I did the same strip routine until the older gent was down to his BVDs. I twirled my fingers through the line of hair on his belly down to the black-lined waistband. I swallowed a bit hard as I saw the prominent shape of a rather large penis hiding behind the bright white cotton. I gave in and yanked down the old cowboys briefs. Milburn's cock sprung straight into my face and the tip poked me in the nose; leaving a small drop of his precum on my face. Milburn was one hung cowboy. I had dreamed of an older man with a cock like this for years. I used both hands to grab hold and marveled at his length. He was a good 8 or 8 and a half inches long. My own cock was painfully trying to get hard in my tight jockeys. I could feel my precum oozing into my Fruit of the Looms and spreading across my gray slacks. I felt Darryl start to unbutton my shirt as I worshiped Milburn's big penis. I had to uncap his purple knob from the last bit of his thick, loose foreskin. It bunched up behind the knob as I ran my fingers down the thick vein underneath. His penis stood slightly above parallel and was a beautiful flesh color. A thick vein ran across the top and I groaned at his heavy ball sac. His scrotum was a fair bit bigger than Darryl's or mine. Darryl was a lucky man indeed if he got a chance at the quart of cum that surely was inside the old cowboys nuts.

I sucked the purple plum into my mouth and gave head for all I was worth. Milburn was very sensitive to my tongue working under and around his foreskin, corona, and vein. He moaned in ecstasy as I swallowed a good five inches of his cock into my throat. He pushed my head back and Darryl eased me onto the bed. The two older cowboys stripped me like a pack animal. Soon, I was on my back as the older men stared at my body clad only in my Fruit of the Looms. My cock was pushing straight up and had begun to lift my waistband away from my hairy belly. I had already leaked enough precum to wet the better part of the front panel of my briefs. Milburn reached in from the foot of the bed and carefully lifted the waistband up over my cock so as not to bend it. My cock stood proudly erect with my foreskin partially retracted. I have a lot of foreskin; so even erect some of it hangs over the tip. Only when I'm fucking does it unrolls all the way back.

Then, both cowboys eased onto me. Darryl sank his stiff pecker into my mouth with his balls resting on my chin and throat. I felt Milburn swallow my cock like it was water. I strained at the wet warmth of his cowboy mouth. He slowly worked my cock over from stem to stern with his tongue and began to take my balls into his mouth until they were soaked in saliva. I licked Darryl's cock voraciously and lapped up his precum. He fed me his hard-on over and over until I had to beg for some air. Milburn asked if I liked to get fucked and I hurriedly nodded. I rolled of the bed just long enough to retrieve some condoms and some lube from my travel bag. The old cowboys whooped it up a bit at that and I laid back on the bed. As Darryl unrolled a white condom down his 7 inches, Milburn began working lube and his long index finger up my rear end. I pulled up my legs to my chest and soon two fingers were loosening up my sphincter.

My ancestors, especially the Cliftons, left their name on mining and lumbering camps from the no-man's-land between Quebec and the Thirteen Colonies to the mouth of the Columbia river. They included hunters, trappers, and sometime cowboys--and their legacy to me includes a realistic appreciation of who the Old West cowboys really were.

They most definitely were not rodeo-riders, nor rodeo fans, nor people who glorified the cowboy life when and if they were able to escape it. Most cowboys were boys, literally, who were deemed expendible because they were orphans, immigrants, Indians, half-breeds, or former slaves, with little education, no job skills, and no one to miss them if they happened to be killed on the job.

There is a myth that cowboys were drawn heavily from among the ranks of dispossessed and displaced former Confederate soldiers, as well as former U.S. cavalrymen. Actually, these sources supplied range bosses, and many of them were literally former slavedrivers.

Initially, cowboying was much like sheep-herding back in Europe. It consisted mostly of keeping track of the animals, chasing away predators, and alerting the master to rustling. The first cowboys rarely had horses. But Old West cowboy work was far more dangerous than European sheep-herding, not only because of the threats resulting from semi-perpetual war with hostile Indians and the presence of grizzly bears and pumas, but also because of the great distances between sources of help, food, and water, which necessitated the gradual introduction of mounted cowboys, and of firearms as a frequent cowboy accessory, among those cowboys who could get them.

As the frontier moved farther west, older cowboys especially--meaning cowboys barely older than today's high school students--became more heavily armed. They also became more predisposed to murdering one another in juvenile disputes misremembered today as heroic gunfights. Mark Twain accurately and thoroughly described the realities of Old West cowboying and gunfighting in his first book, Roughing It, and other authors including Jack London and Joaquin Miller, who actually were onetime cowboys, eloquently affirmed that the general reality of cowboy-work was child labor, even quasi-slavery. The conditions were much more congenial, because of the chance to work outdoors, than the conditions of the 19th century factories where other children labored, but were no less deadly. Rarely did a cowboy live past the age of 21.

Indeed, the macho attitude traditionally affected by cowboys and gunfighters may have reflected the personal sexual insecurity of young men who often had little contact with women from the time they were first sent out on the range in their early teens, until a decade or more later--if they survived long enough and developed skills sufficient to get work back in town.

Those cowboys who survived to physical maturity typically seized upon any opportunity to do almost anything else for a living. Thus they became military cannon-fodder, participated in the commercial slaughter of the North American bison and the massacre of Native Americans, and joined in great numbers the mining rushes to California, Nevada, and Alaska. 041b061a72




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