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Noah Robinson

[S4E9] The Boyfriend Complexity

Penny storms over to Leonard's apartment mad at him because her father can't stop praising her boyfriend. Leonard offered to correct the situation, but Penny didn't want to do that. Sheldon enters and details the changes he is going to have to make in the roommate agreement due to Penny's annoying habits since they were back together. Leonard cautioned her not to let Sheldon in on their deception.

[S4E9] The Boyfriend Complexity

Penny comes over to Leonard's apartment to explain that she told her father they had got back together, since he was the first boyfriend her father approved of. Wyatt comes to the apartment and invites Leonard to join him and Penny for dinner. Elsewhere, Bernadette and Howard join Raj as they spend the night monitoring a telescope. Although Raj isn't best pleased, Howard brought Bernadette as he'd like his best friend and girlfriend to bond.

On their way back from dinner, Wyatt is telling stories to Leonard about Penny's ex-boyfriends. Leonard is pleased to hear her dad describe him as a keeper. When Sheldon observes Penny and Leonard kissing goodnight, Sheldon fears they are back together. Back at Raj's lab, they are playing Indian Monopoly when Bernadette and Raj start talking about how bad Howard's jokes are. They then proceed to make fun of Howard's mom. Back at the apartment, Sheldon wants Leonard to set up an escrow account to pay for Penny's expected infractions now they're back together. Penny is already having regretting telling this lie, but she and Leonard don't tell Sheldon they're not really a couple.

Yet this week's "The Boyfriend Complexity" featured one of the most generic non-nerdy stories yet, and somehow it ranks as my favorite of the season. In the main adventure, Leonard pretended to be Penny's boyfriend in order to make her father, Wyatt (Keith Carradine) happy and off her back.

Somehow with Leonard at the helm and Sheldon in the back seat, the A story had plenty of laugh out loud moments. Carradine killed it as Wyatt. Some of his best moments were recounting hilarious Penny ex-boyfriends. What kind of guys did you date!? Just guys.

Amy meets Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack and experiences sexual arousal. She later discusses her symptoms with Sheldon, who appears to be jealous. Later, when Sheldon discusses Amy's situation with Penny, she tells him that there is "something" he could do about Amy's "urges", meaning that he should have sex with Amy, but Sheldon assumes that she meant Amy and Zack should have sex. He arranges for them to meet again, but Amy discovers that Zack is not very intelligent, solving the problem. Meanwhile, Howard and Raj argue about, if they both acquired superpowers, which of them would be the sidekick. They try to settle the issue in a wrestling match refereed by Leonard, but they merely circle around goading each other.

The gang road-trips to a science convention in Big Sur. When Howard meets one of Bernadette's ex-boyfriends at the event, he begins to spiral, which prompts a number of other meltdowns among the group. As the week continues, the friends begin a complicated game of musical beds, which leaves most of them wishing they'd never left home in the first place.

In another episode that nods to Tolkien, Penny invites the guys to her Halloween party (after the guys get bullied by some teenagers). While at the shindig, Leonard finds himself in a threatened position with Penny's ex-boyfriend, Kurt. But ultimately, Penny and Leonard share a moment and get closer.

This episode involves Penny asking Leonard to pose as her boyfriend when her dad comes to town. Not knowing that this is a charade, Sheldon demands changes be made to the roommate agreement. Wolowitz tries to get Raj and Bernadette to bond over some wine in the lab and Raj takes the moment a bit too far.

In Sanctum, he is chosen to go a mission to explore the new world as a part of Expedition 1. Upon landing on the ground, the group is thrilled to find that the air is breathable and the radiation levels are good. He mostly spends his time alongside his boyfriend Nathan Miller while they are exploring. Later, sitting around the campfire he and Nathan relax and talk about their new status as aliens, while they are observing a bug that they caught up in a jar.

Though Amy and Sheldon are very similar, they have some notable differences. She does not, for example, share his love of Star Trek, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Comic Books or Trains. At first, she does not participate in wearing costumes on a whim like the guys do, though she is excited to wear a couples' costume for Halloween one year and, another time, dresses up as a Star Fleet medical officer in order to increase Sheldon's feelings for her. Amy is more willing to socialize with others than Sheldon. While Sheldon generally refuses to accept the need for intimacy, Amy appears to desire the kinds of friendship she was denied as a child. She is capable of acknowledging that she is part of a group, as shown in "The Zazzy Substitution" when she uses the phrase "my colleagues and I." She also finds people of the opposite sex attractive, although she is initially unable to understand her physical desire for Penny's ex-boyfriend Zack Johnson until it is examined by Sheldon and her.

Will's mother Joyce becomes transfixed by supernatural events affecting the house electricity - she's convinced Will is communicating with her. As these strange events continue, she witnesses (and is threatened by) the same monster that took Will. Meanwhile, police chief Jim Hopper grows suspicious of the nearby national laboratory and begins researching into the facility's shady history. Mike's older sister Nancy attends a pool party hosted by her new boyfriend Steve, begrudgingly accompanied by her best friend Barb. Jonathan, Will's brother, witnesses the events of the party, taking photos. While alone, Barb is abducted by the Monster....

For all of the laughter, tears, and frustrated think-pieces it would inspire over its six seasons, one of the most indelible moments of HBO's Girls came early in its run, at the end of its third episode, "All Adventurous Women Do." A distraught Hannah Horvath (series star and creator Lena Dunham) listens to music as she hovers over her laptop, contemplating the perfect tweet to sum up her feelings about a recent HPV diagnosis and learning that her ex-boyfriend is gay. She drafts up a few self-pitying thoughts, only to quickly delete-delete-delete.

Noora grew up in Mjøndalen, Norway, as an only child. When she was 13, she had sex for the first time with her then 15 year old boyfriend, who dumped her the next day, causing Noora to develop an eating disorder the following spring.

Sana explains they need to find out which 97'ers have the best bus, and get themselves invited to them by hooking up with them. Sana specifically mentions the other girls, saying she herself won't hook up. Sana then asks if any of the girls have boyfriends, and again everyone but Eva replies they don't.

After Eva explains she has a boyfriend, Sana suggests she dumps him and Noora then pitches in asking Sana if she's serious, and Sana reasons that Eva is the prettiest girl there, saying it'd be a waste if she has a boyfriend. Noora comments how it's really stupid, and she makes a stand by saying they can't be asked to use their sexuality in exchange for credibility.

In Season 4, episode 5, "The Desperation Emanation," Sheldon thinks Amy wants him to be her boyfriend and goes to great lengths to avoid her. He changes the address of his building and even asks the delivery man to go along with it.

Jessa arrives to Shoshanna's apartment in the Pilot. She then later goes to a welcome party thrown by Hannah and Marnie. While Hannah is happy to see her, Marnie has not liked Jessa since she slept with one of her friend's boyfriends back in college. The situation is made worse when Jessa asks if Charlie (Marnie's boyfriend) is single, and letting Hannah drink Opium tea. When Marnie confronts Jessa about her irresponsible behavior, she reveals the real reason to why she came to New York.

Jessa gets her first job as a nanny in All Adventurous Women Do. She meets and has a connection with the father Jeff. Who later forgives her for briefly losing his kids in Hannah's Diary. She meets an ex-boyfriend in Hard Being Easy. They have sex in Shoshanna's apartment while Shoshanna was still there. Afterwards, Jessa tells Shoshanna that she's not ashamed over what happened.

When Jessa attends Mimi-Rose's art show in Ask Me My Name, she learns from Adam that Mimi-Rose's ex-boyfriend Ace wants to get her back. Which she finds particularly upsetting since she set Adam and her up because she's interested in Ace. 041b061a72




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